Global Cooperation Department


Towards Global Innovation Excellence
Through Reciprocal STI cooperation


The Global Cooperation Department pursues its objective to contribute to global competitiveness for creative economy accomplishment by reinforcing innovation excellence and derivation of imperative solutions addressing societal challenges on the Korean and European level through reciprocal STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) collaboration between Korea and the EU. It will be mainly based on mutually structured partnerships all of stakeholders of entrepreneurship-driven innovation, resource exchange and joint development of technical & strategic/political solutions between Korea and the EU. A decisive role for achieving the objective is to deduce and promote effective activities for invigorating STI collaborative networks between Korea and EU in terms of personnel & information exchange and technology transfer & commercialization for enhancing the interdisciplinary cooperation in science and technology between Korea and the EU, which are a central issue and a strong factor.



Main Activities 

Establishing substantive STI collaborative policies (Internal & External) of KIST Europe and Optimization of internal R&D asset utilization through effective technology transfer & commercialization and patent marketing

  • Identifying and analyzing the major societal issues, current STI trends and policies of Korea and the EU for derivation of substantive STI policies of KIST Europe
  • Publication of Handbook for Technology Transfer & Commercialization and STI Policy Trends in the EU
  • Planning and Conducting internal R&D asset utilization of KIST Europe and provision of optimal supervision for all the critical issues related to technology transfer & commercialization



Excavating Indispensable Research Field and Innovative Joint Academic Program to contribute STI solutions for current societal challenges between Korea & the EU and Deriving synergistic implementation plan refinement of

Academic Collaboration Activities. 

  • Union Campus (On-Site) between KIST, KIST Europe and UST (University of Science& Technology)
  • Dual Degree program between KIST Europe and renowned universities in Germany and the EU
  • Global Internship Program in cooperation with KCUE (Korean Council for University Education) and NRF (National Research Foundation)  



 Global Internship Program (KCUE)  



Encouraging innovative entrepreneurship of Korean STI stakeholders for reciprocal STI collaboration between Korea and the EU through actively promoting Joint Educational Program based on current mutual concern between Korea and the EU 

  • Joint-Planning and Performing of Innovation Academy with KIRD (Korea Institute of Human Resources Development in Science & Technology)
  • Promotion of a specific thematic workshop based on mutual research interest between Korea and the EU



Executive Training Program for Korea-EU International Collaboration (2013 & 2014)



Sustaining Co-Planning Dialogue & Synergistic Collaboration Network between KIST and KIST Europe to accomplish Mutual S&T Initiative for both and to promote substantive STI collaboration between Korea and the EU.  

  • Identification of mutual R&D interest between KIST and KIST Europe through collaborative interaction activities
  • Organizing Regular Info Days and Researcher Convergence Events between KIST, KIST Europe and prominent institutions in the EU 


Info Day at Saarland University (2013)







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