About us


[Purpose of Establishment] 

  • Contribution to Korean Science and Technology Globalization through Joint R&D Activities in Europe
  • Setting up a Platform for Promoting Science and Technology Cooperation between Korea and Europe
  • Provision of Technology Collaboration and Networking Platform for Korean Industries




Open Research Platform for Korea-EU R&D Collaboration and Industry Support




R&D Collaboration

  • Activation of Korea-EU Joint R&D

  - Joint R&D with Research Institutions in Korea and the EU

  • Select and Concentration to reinforce R&D Competence

  - Global Environmental Regulation Compliance & Development of Platform Technology 

Industry Support

  • Support Korean Industry into EU Market

  - Establishment of On-Site Technology Centre, Consultation for Technology Development & Networking

  • Support Environmental Regulation Compliance

  - REACH & related Regulation Compliance for Korean Chemical Industry


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