◎ Date: November 2016

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FITT gGmbH, the Institute of Technology Transfer at the Saarland University of Applied Sciences, and KIST Europe will collaborate more closely in the future. For this purpose, the managing director of FITT gGmbH Mr. Georg Maringer, and the institute director of KIST Europe, Dr. Kuiwon Choi, signed a cooperation agreement.

As a first step of the future cooperation, KIST Europe joins the innovation network which was initiated by FITT gGmbH and which consists of mainly small and medium sized enterprises. The common goal is to develop a "primary controlable virtual power plant" (primärregelfähiges virtuelles Kraftwerk).


Shaking hands after signing the collaboration agreement


Further information can be found on the website of FITT gGmbH and in the latest issue of saar.is impuls (article on page 18). 

Information on the innovation network can be found following www.primorc.de.


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