◎ Date: November 23rd, 2016

◎ Place: KIST Europe



On November 23rd, the opening ceremony of the Joint Laboratory of Applied Ecotoxicology of Technical University (TU) Berlin and KIST Europe was held.

As part of the ceremony, Ms. Hyo-Jung Kim (Environment Attaché) gave her congratulatory remarks and Dr. Kuiwon Choi (Institute Director of KIST Europe) gave a welcome address. Prof. Dr. Stephan Pflugmacher Lima, in his position as professor at the Institute of Ecology in TU Berlin, gave insight in the future research activity plan for the new joint laboratory. Mechanism Based Research and Product Guided Research as main research area is expected to develop the technology that can show possibilities for restoration and help to prevent damages in the future.



 The unveileing of the new lab sign



Prof. Dr. Pflugmacher Lima gives a presentation on his future research activity plan

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