Magnetics Group


Prof. Dr. Leon Abelmann

Group Leader 
Phone: +49 (0)681-9382 229
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Magnetism combines well with lab-on-a-chip analysis systems, since magnetic fields penetrate in most aqueous solutions and hardly interact with bio-chemical processes. We combine magnetic fields with microfluidic systems to study fundamental behaviour of magnetic particles in solutions, or non-magnetic particles in magnetic solutions and to apply this in lab-on-a-chip applications for personalized medicine and clinical diagnostics.



R&D Fields


Microfabricated Magnetic Particles

  • Hyperthemia for cancer treatment
  • Drug delivery
  • Magnetic particle Imaging


Magnetically Driven Bio-Inspired Self-Assembly

  • Magnetically assisted self-assembly
  • Micro and macro-scale 3D self-assembly
  • Biomimetic self-assembly


Magnetically Controlled Medical Microrobotics

  • Manipulation of magneto-tactic bacteria
  • Biophysics
  • Confined channel effects

We cooperate intensively with academia like the MESA and MIRA institutes of the University of Twente, research institutes like IBM Research - Zurich and companies like SmartTip. 



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