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No. Title Author Date Journal Abstract
359 Supervised Health Stage Prediction using Convolutional Neural Networks for Bearing Wear Sensors-Basel (An open access journal from MDPI) Oct-07-2020 SH Suh, J Jang, SJ Won, M Jha, YO Lee
358 CEGAN: Classification Enhancement Generative Adversarial Networks for Unraveling Data Imbalance Problems SH Suh, HB Lee, P Lukowicz, YO Lee Jan-13-2020 Neural Networks
357 The Effect of Resampling on Data‐Imbalanced Conditions for Prediction towards Nuclear Receptor Profiling Using Deep Learning YO Lee, YJ Kim Jan-27-2020 Molecular Informatics
356 Matrix softness-mediated 3D zebrafish hepatocyte modulates response to endocrine disrupting chemicals K Sullivan, CG Park, J Ito, M Kandel, G Popescu, YJ Kim, HJ Kong Sep-25-2020 Environmental Science & Technology
355 Femtosecond Laser Induced Nano-textured Micropatterning to Regulate Cell Functions on Implanted Biomaterials Acta Biomaterialia Oct-15-2020 YM Seo, S Kim, HS Lee, JH Park, Kw Lee, ID Jun, HS Seo, YJ Kim, YS Yoo, BC Choi, KW Seok, YC Kim, MR Ok, JH Choi, CK Joo, HJ Jeon
354 Drug Administration Routes Impact the Metabolism of a Synthetic Cannabinoid in the Zebrafish Larvae Model Molecules Sep-29-2020 YM Park, M Meyer, R Müller, J Herrmann
353 Mathematical modeling of a temperature-sensitive and tissue-mimicking gel matrix: solving the Flory-Huggins equation for an elastic ternary mixture system BK Sung Sep-17-2020 Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences
352 Estimates of particulate matter inhalation doses during three-dimensional (3D) printing JH Park, OH Kwon, CS Yoon, MJ Park Sep-02-2020 Indoor Air
351 Microplastics Exposure Causes Negligible Effects on the Oxidative Response Enzymes Glutathione Reductase and Peroxidase in the Oligochaete Tubifex tubifex C Scopetani, M Esterhuizen, A Cincinelli, S Pflugmacher Feb-14-2020 Toxics
350 Didactic approach recounting advances and limitations in novel glutathione and cysteine detection (reduced GSH probe) with mixed coumarin, aldehyde, and phenyl-selenium chemistry WH Lee, S Mulay, S Shimodaira, A Abdilah, J Palma, YS Kim, T Yudhistira, D Churchill May-31-2020 Methods in Enzymology