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No. Title Author Date Journal Abstract
81 Energy barrier versus switching field for patterned Co80Pt20 alloy and Co/pt multilayer films J. de Vries, T. Bolhuis, L. Abelmann Apr-18-2013 Applied Physics
80 Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl 4)-induced Mouse Liver Damage and Antioxidant Activities of Aqueous Extracts of White , Red , and Fermented Red Ginseng Y.J. Kim, D.W. Kim, C.C. Chang Feb-04-2013 Trace Analysis in Food and Drugs
79 The dosing determines compound mutagenicity in the Ames II assay with metabolic transformation: passive dosing versus solvent spiking. K.E.C. Smith, M.B. Heringa, M. Uytewaal, P. Mayer Jan-21-2013 Mutation Research Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis
78 Analysis of the partnership network in the clean development mechanism M. Kang, J. Park Jan-04-2013 Energy Policy
77 Deposition of Bacteriorhodopsin protein in a purple membrane form on nitrocellulose membranes for enhanced photoelectric response Y.J. Kim, P. Neuzil, C.H. Nam, M. Engelhard Dec-27-2012 Sensors-Basel
76 Computational methods for metabolism data analysis of ion mobility spectrometry data - Reviewing state of the art Hauschild, A.C.; Schneider, T.; Pauling, J.; Rupp, K.; Jang, M.; Baumbach, J.I.; Baumbach, J. Oct-16-2012 Metabolites
75 EU Environmental Prohibition on Hazardous Substances and its impact on International Trades of Korean Companies Cho, Y.D.; Byun, S.W.; Choe, E.; Kim, S.H. Jan-02-2012 Clean Technology
74 Short-Term effect of humid airflow on antimicrobial air filters using Sophora Flavescens nanoparticles Hwang, G.B.; Lee, J.E.; Nho, C.W.; Lee, B.U.; Lee, S.J.; Jung, J.H.; Bae, G.-N.; Feb-25-2012 Science of The Total Environment Volumes
73 Direct evidence of atomic structure conservation along ultra-long carbon nanotubes Arenal, R.; Löthman, P.; Picher, M.; Than, T.; Paillet, M.; Jourdain, V. Jun-11-2012 The Journal of Physical Chemistry
72 Recommendation for an upgrade to the standard format in order to cross-link the GC/MSD and the MCC/IMS data Maddula, S.; Rupp, K.; Baumbach, J.I.; Feb-04-2012 Ion Mobility Spectrometry