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No. Title Author Date Journal Abstract
120 The control of compound exposure in in vitro tests for genotoxicity Smith K.E.C. Jul-02-2014 Genotoxicity and DNA repair
119 Impact of soil amendments and the plant rhizosphere on PAH behaviour in soil Marchal G., Smith K.E.C., Mayer P., de Jonge L.W., Karlson U.G. May-01-2014 Environ. Pollut.
118 PAH toxicity at aqueous solubility in the fish embryo test with Danio rerio using passive dosing Seiler T-B., Best N., Møller Fernqvist M., Hercht H., Smith K.E.C., Braunbeck T., Mayer P., Hollert, H. Apr-21-2014 Chemosphere
117 Differential immunotoxicimmunomodulatory responses to nine polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons applied by passive dosing Ooostingh G.J., Smith K.E.C., Tischler U., Radauer-Preimla I., Mayer P. Nov-27-2014 Toxicol. In Vitro
116 Development of a Partial Least Squares-Based Integrated Addition Model for Predicting Mixture Toxicity Kim, J.; Kim, S.; Schaumann, G. Jan-13-2014 Human and Ecological Risk Assessment
115 State of the art in the application of QSAR techniques for predicting mixture toxicity in environmental risk assessment Kim, J.; Kim, S. Oct-21-2014 SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research
114 Living immune cells as drug carriers in cancer therapy Philippi, Anja; Blaudszun, André-René Mar-06-2014 European Journal of Nanomedicine
113 Genetically engineered bacteriophage delivers a tumor necrosis factor alpha antagonist coating on neural electrodes Kim, Y.J.; Jin, Y.H.; Salieb-Beugelaar, G.B.; Nam C.H.; Stieglitz, T. Jan-21-2014 Biomed Mater.
112 Polyester-idarubicin nanoparticles and a polymer-photosensitizer complex as potential drug formulations for cell-mediated drug delivery Blaudszun, A.-R.; Lian, Q.; Schnabel, M.; Loretz, B.; Steinfeld U.; Lee, H.-H.; Wenz, G., Lehr, C.-M.; Schneider, M.; Philippi, A. Jul-30-2014 International Journal of Pharmaceutic
111 Galectin‐3 coats the membrane of breast cells and makes signature of tumor G. Simone, N. Malara, V. Trunzo, M. Renne, G. Perrozziello, E. di Fabrizio, A. Manz Dec-23-2013 Molecular BioSystems