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No. Title Author Date Journal Abstract
200 Handheld Real-Time PCR Device Ahrberg, CD.; Ilic, BR.; Manz, A.; Neuzil, P., Jan-26-2016 Lab on a Chip
199 Plant leaves as templates for soft lithography Wu, W.; Guijt, RM.; Silina, YE.; Koch, M.; Manz, A., Feb-10-2016 RSC Advances
198 Pyrosequencing on a glass surface Almeida, Av.; Manz, A.; Neuzil, P., Mar-21-2016 Lab on a chip
197 Palm-sized device for point-of-care Ebola detection Ahrberg, CD.; Manz, A.; Neuzil, P., Apr-11-2016 Anal Chem
196 Superheated droplets for protein thermal stability analyses of GFP, BSA and Taq-Polymerase Ahrberg, CD.; Manz, A., Apr-20-2016 RSC Advances
195 Identifying the redox activity of cation-disordered Li-Fe-V-Ti oxide cathodes for Li-ion batteries Chen, R.; Witte, R.; Heinzmann, R.; Ren, S.; Mangold, S.; Hahn, H.; Hempelmann, R.; Ehrenberg, H.; Indris, S., Feb-10-2016 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
194 Lithiation-driven structural transition of VO2F into disordered rock-salt LixVO2F Chen, R.; Maawad, E.; Knapp, M.; Ren, S.; Beran, P.; Witter, R.; Hempelman, R., Jun-02-2016 RSC Advances
193 High-performance low temperature Li+ intercalation in disordered rock-salt Li-Cr-V oxyfluorides Chen, R.; Ren, S.; Mu, X.; Maawad, E.; Zander, S.; Hempelmann, R.; Hahn, H., Apr-01-2016 Chem ElectroChem
192 Ionic liquid-mediated aqueous redox flow batteries for high voltage applications Chen, R.; Hempelmann, R., Sep-07-2016 Electrochem Communications
191 Differential effects of CBZ-induced catalysis and cytochrome gene expression in three dimensional Zebrafish liver cell culture Jeong, Y., Park, C.-B., Baek, I.-H., Jeong, K., Baik, S., Kim, Y.J. Sep-27-2016 Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology