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No. Title Author Date Journal Abstract
297 Stimulus-Responsive Anti-Oxidizing Drug Crystals and their Ecological Implication BS. Kim, J. Leong, SJ Yu, Y Cho, CG Park, DH Kim, E Ko, SG Im, J Lee, YJ Kim, H Kong Apr-05-2019 Small
296 Investigation of the Synergistic Toxicity of Binary Mixtures of Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals on Aliivibrio fischeri in Major River Basins in South Korea IH Baek YJ Kim, SY Baik, JW Kim Jan-13-2019 Int J Environ Res Public Health.
295 Tools for studying the metabolism of new psychoactive substances for toxicological screening purposes – A comparative study using pooled human liver S9, HepaRG cells, and zebrafish larvae L.Richter, J.Herrmann, A.Andreas, YM Park, L.Wagmann, V.Flockerzi, R.Müller, M.Meyer Jan-22-2019 Toxicology Letters
294 Generative Oversampling Method for Imbalanced Data on Bearing Fault Detection and Diagnosis S.Suh, H.Lee, J.Jo, P.Lukowicz, YO Lee Feb-20-2019 Applied Sciences
293 Unlocking Simultaneously the Temperature and Electrochemical Windows of Aqueous Phthalocyanine Electrolytes Z.Huang, P.Zhang, X.Gao, D.Henkensmeier, S.Passerini, R.Chen May-28-2019 ACS Applied Energy Materials
292 First-principles calculations and experimental investigation on SnO2@ZnO heterojunction photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic performance S.Chen, F.Liu, M.Xu, J.Yan, F.Zhang, W.Zhao, Z.Zhang, Z.Deng, J.Yun, R.Chen, C.Liu Oct-01-2019 Colloid and Interface Science
291 Towards one-step design of tailored enzymatic nanobiosensors D.Semenova, K.Gernaey, B.Morgan, Y.Silina Dec-12-2019 Analyst
290 Transport phenomena associated with capacity loss of all-vanadium redox flow battery D.Kim, S.Yoon, SW Kim Feb-10-2020 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
289 Microfluidics as tool to prepare size-tunable PLGA nanoparticles with high curcumin encapsulation for efficient mucus penetration N.Lababidi, V.Sigal, A.Koenneke, K.Schwarzkopf, A.Manz, M.Schneider Nov-19-2019 Beilstein J. Nanotechnology
288 Exploring the potential of high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry towards non-destructive control and validation of electroless gold nanoparticles onto silicon nanowires hybrids Y.Silina, M.Koch, P.Herbeck-Engel, I.Iatsunskyi Aug-21-2019 Analytical Methods