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No. Title Author Date Journal Abstract
180 Compositional Dependence of the Young’s Modulus and Piezoelectric Coefficient of (110)-Oriented Pulsed Laser Deposited PZT Thin Films H Nazeer, MD Nguyen, OS Sukas, G Rijnders, L Abelmann, Miko C Elwenspoek Feb-09-2015 Micro-electromechanical Systems
179 Electric field controlled nanoscale contactless deposition using a nanofluidic scanning probe J Geerlings, E Sarajlic, EJW Berenschot, RGP Sanders, MH Siekman, Leon Abelmann, Niels R Tas Sep-23-2015 Applied Physics Letters
178 Young’s modulus and residual stress of GeSbTe phase-change thin films H Nazeer, H Bhaskaran, LA Woldering, L Abelmann Oct-01-2015 Thin Solid Films
177 Vacuum behavior and control of a MEMS stage with integrated thermal displacement sensor B Krijnen, DM Brouwer, L Abelmann, JL Herder Oct-01-2015 Sensors and Actuators A: Physical
176 Capillary origami of micro-machined micro-objects: Bi-layer conductive hinges A. Legrain, J.W.Berenschot, N.R. Tas, L. Abelmann Jun-08-2015 Microelectronic Engineering
175 M2 polarization enhances silica nanoparticle uptake by macrophages Hoppstädter, J.; Seif, M.; Dembek, A.; Cavelius, C.; Huwer, H.; Kraegeloh, A. and Kiemer, A.K. Mar-23-2015 Frontiers in Pharmacology
174 Bidirectional microfluidic pumping using an array of magnetic Janus microspheres rotating around magnetic disks Wesley T. E. van den Beld,* Natalia L. Cadena, Johan Bomer,a Eddy L. de Weerd, Leon Abelmann, Albert van den Berga and Jan C. T. Eijkela Jul-08-2015 Lab on a Chip
173 Engineering filamentous bacteriophages for enhanced gold binding and metallization properties Korkmaz Zirpel, N., Arslan, T., and Lee, Hyeji Sep-15-2015 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
172 Magnetic drug delivery with FePd nanowires Pondman, K.M. and Bunt, N.D and Maijenburg, A.W. and van Wezel, R.J.A. and Kishore, U and Abelmann, L. and ten Elshof, J.E. and ten Haken, B. Apr-15-2015 Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
171 Elasto-Capillary Folding Using Stop-Programmable Hinges Fabricated by 3D Micro-Machining Antoine Legrain, Erwin J. W. Berenschot, Niels R. Tas, Leon Abelmann May-19-2015 PLOS one