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No. Title Author Date Journal Abstract
247 Protein association of β-N-methylamino-L-alanine in Triticum aestivum via irrigation V.Contardo-Jara, T.Schwanemann, M.Esterhuizen-Londt, S.Pflugmacher Jan-25-2018 Food Additives & Contaminants
246 Comparison of the sampling rates and partitioning behaviour of polar and non-polar contaminants in the polar organic chemical integrative sampler and a monophasic mixed polymer sampler for application as an equilibrium passive sample Y Jeong, A Schäffer, K Smith Feb-03-2018 Science of The Total Environment Volumes
245 A comparison of equilibrium and kinetic passive sampling for the monitoring of aquatic organic contaminants in German rivers Y Jeong, A Schäffer, K Smith Nov-15-2018 Water Research
244 Detection of Acidic Pharmaceutical Compounds Using Virus-Based Molecularly Imprinted Polymers IH Baek, HS Han, S Baik, V Helms, Y Kim Sep-01-2018 Polymers
243 Implications of Pony Lake Fulvic Acid for the Aggregation and Dissolution of Oppositely Charged Surface-Coated Silver Nanoparticles and Their Ecotoxicological Effects on Daphnia magna Y.J.Jung, G.Metreveli, C-B. Park, S.Baik, G.E.Schaumann Dec-19-2017 Environ. Sci. Technol
242 Responses of the antioxidative and biotransformation enzymes in the aquatic fungus Mucor hiemalis exposed to cyanotoxins Balsano, E., Esterhuizen-Londt, M., Hoque, E., Pflugmacher, S. May-08-2017 Biotechnologie Letters
241 Leaching of PCE-based superplasticiser from microfine cement: a chemical and ecotoxicological point of view Märkl, V., Pflugmacher, S., Stephan, D.A. May-25-2017 Water, Air and Soil Pollution
240 Uptake and biotransformation of pure commercial microcystin-LR versus microcystin-LR from a natural cyanobacterial bloom extract in the aquatic fungus Mucor hiemalis Esterhuizen-Londt, M., Hertel, S., Pflugmacher, S. Jun-08-2017 Biotechnology Letters
239 Effect of leached cement paste samples with different superplasticiser content on germination and initial root growth of white mustard (Soinapis alba) and cress (Lepidium sativum) Märkl, V., Pflugmacher, S., Stephan, D.A. Mar-01-2017 Water, Air and Soil Pollution
238 Oxidative stress mediated toxicity of TiO2 nanoparticles after a concentration and time dependent exposure of the aquatic macrophyte Hydrilla verticillata Spengler, A., Wanninger, L., Pflugmacher, S. Sep-30-2017 Aquatic Toxicology