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Installation of KIT-KIST JRC-APT Jan-25-2019

On July 7th, 2017, KIT and KIST Europe held an opening ceremony for establishment of JRC-APT in Daejeon, South Korea.


Starting with the MoU in July 2016, establishing a joint research center and collaborative research with KIT will promote the strategic responses of domestic and foreign regulation for chemical substances. Furthermore, through this joint lab, two organizations will pursue further business cooperation such as joint research on agency-specific projects, exchange of personnel, joint proposal and execution of research projects in Korea and Europe.



After this ceremony, they discussed the status of cooperation, future schedules and detailed plans. Guiwon Choi, the director of KIST Europe, emphasize the importance of the supporting role of domestic companies in the research institutes and said, “the ultimate goal of JRC is to utilize the results derived from the joint research to enhance the regulatory response capacity of domestic companies. And it indirectly supports industry as well."


Moongu Jeong, the director of KIT, said “we will share the newest research trends about regulation of chemical substances, and promote national R&D projects gathering core competencies of research institutes”


KIST Europe expects this JRC contribute increasing demand for technology policy in Korea due to strengthening of issues and environmental regulation and securing advanced technology system for chemical substances regulation.

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