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Business cooperation with KRICT Jan-25-2019

On July 10th, 2017, KRICT and KIST Europe signed an agreement for business cooperation aiming at the cooperative tasks of ‘information of Korea and EU regulations’ for companies.



Especially through this agreement, KRICT will accept the requests related to Substance Identity Profile (SIP) from KIST Europe first. KIST Europe also cooperate to develop R&D and make training session for quality improvement of SIP report. Both institutes could help domestic and foreign companies to comply with EU-REACH and K-REACH.


At this agreement ceremony, Dr. Sanghun Kim, the leader of environmental safety group in KIST Europe, explained EU environmental regulations and prospect of future. He said “both institutes expected to cooperate closely with technical information exchange, technical assistance cooperation and other mutually agreed issues.”


KIST Europe expects this agreement contribute to compliance with EU-REACH, K-REACH and effective supporting system for industries.

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