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Korea-Germany Environmental Workshop Jan-25-2019

On October 12-13th, 2017, “1st Korea-Germany Environmental Workshop, ˹Efficient ways to improve air quality˼ ” organized jointly by Korean Embassy, KIST Europe, VeKNI and KEITI was held in Bonn to provide a great opportunity to share current issues on air pollution.


The workshop was designed to provide in-depth discussions between about 40 Korea-Germany experts on key environmental issues. Especially, the air quality and management policies, approaches for urban and regional air pollution and current issues on transboundary air pollution was discussed including special session about North Korea.


At this workshop, Changrok Keum, the consul general of the Korean embassy in Bonn, expected the discussions on the policies of the two countries, the results of the major researches and the current situation of international society will contribute to the development of good policy alternatives.


Dr. Sanghun Kim, the leader of environmental safety group in KIST Europe, said “we expect to continue to expand the activities of experts through such exchanges and cooperation with technical information and cooperation”


KIST Europe will publish the implication for air pollutant management policies such as fine dusts as an issue papers with other cooperating organization.


‘Prohibition of truck and discount for public transportation in city’, the ways to reduce fine dust in Germany

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‘Find urban air quality improvement solution’, Korea-Germany environmental workshop 

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