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KOSDAQ Executives visited KIST Europe Oct-31-2022

On October 27th, Executives from 23 South Korean companies, which are members
of the KOSDAQ listed companies Association on the Korean Stock Market, are
currently on site to hold talks about expanding existing business relationships.


These include manufacturers of chip production systems, robotics and
biotechnology companies as well as the areas of cloud services and IT security.


Based on the theme ‘Germany’s Saarland, supporting from the gwSaar, they
visited KIST Europe after looking around many institutes, industries in the

Dr. Soo Hyun Kim, KIST Europe Director, warmly welcomed the KOSDAQ Executives and introduced
the general Introduction of Institute as an only korean organization in the Saarland.

Mr. KyeongHo Chang, the KOSDAQ President, specially thanked to the
welcome for the executive and uttered more intimate cooperation.

As a last sesson, Dr. Jeongho Seo, the Head of global cooperation
Department, started to his speech with the KIST Europe’s research areas, settlement
history on the campus, support policies for Korean industries.

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