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Global Test Bed

Global Test-bed

A Global test-bed ist an R&D platform for
conducting pilot/feasibility study to expand research outcomes on the global level

Test - bed
will perform feasibility research on topics with high research demand in both Korea and EU
According to evaluation, continuation/majority and technology transfer would be decided
Spin-off is a possible way to succeed the Test-Bed research results

Test Bed Propulsion type

3 categories according to the role of KIST Europe [Hybrid of categories is also possible]

  • In KIST Europe (C-I)

    Role of KE :
    Supporting of infrastructure

  • By KIST Europe (C-II)

    Role of KE :
    European partner matching

  • With KIST Europe (C-III)

    Role of KE :
    Research partner

Participating Agency Selection Process

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