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Core Research Area

Core Research Areas

Environmental Safety Research Field ※Environmental risk assessment platform based on Animal Alternative Test

Background and growth potential of core research fields

Convergence Group
  1. Increase in importance of environmental safety such as chemical misuse / abuse, environmental pollution and fine dust human body all over the world
  2. At present, countries around the world are introducing and expanding their own regulations
  3. The EU has the highest level of research capacity in the area of environmental safety.
  4. Also, the level of EU-related regulations on environmental safety is very strong.
  5. The Korea Institute of Science and Technology European Research Center establishes a network with various environmental and safety related research institutes in the EU, enabling efficient research cooperation in related fields.
  6. It is possible to create outstanding research results by concentrating research capacity of European institutes.

Drafting Key Research Topics

Development of AOP based newly discovered Biomarkers Monitoring – Ecotox-on-chip (Ecotox system) for future predictive ecotoxicology

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