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Following our goal from Science to Regulation we develop instruments and methods that will help industry to meet the current standards in the global regulatory systems.
The approaches will help to protect the environment and the human health. Our research will contribute for developing monitoring tools for chemicals and moreover, by developing a deeper understanding of the cumulative chemical and other accumulative properties of chemicals that influence environmental fate, exposure and biological responses, which will lead to improved chemical assessments.
Finally, sustainable risk management approaches can be developed that can be scaled up and delivered to decision-makers.

Development of hazard and safety assessment tools for chemicals and their mixtures in the environment

1. Computational toxicology
• Prediction of mixture toxicity using advanced computer models
• In silico approaches as alternatives to animal tests
2. Alternative ecotoxicity assessments
• Alternative toxicity testing for assessment of chemicals and its mixtures
• Low dose of chemicals effects for chronic toxicity
• HTS based 3D Cell on a chip fabrication

3D tissue culture and Ecotox on a chip fabrication

3. Development of rapid chemical analysis and metabolomics monitoring
• Monitoring of environmental contaminants using POCIS and HPLC-MS
• Analysis of recalcitrant organic pollutants

Food chain metabolomics monitoring and analysis