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In 2006 the European Union adopted the new chemical regulation REACH. Similar regulations for Cosmetics and Food Contact Materials followed. In Korea K-REACh was introduced 2013 and enters into force 01.01.2015. We aim to analyse, understand and provide effective solution to the international regulatory systems. By adding research to our approach, we can combine and facilitate.

Approaching safer environment by global regulation compliance

Main Activities

1. Support for Korean Chemical Industry in Europe
• REACh-Regulation
 - Registration of Chemical
 - Follow-up of regulatory requirements
• REACh-like Regulation
 - Support for Cosmetic Industry, Food Contact Materials and Products and Articles
2. Support for European Chemical Businesses entering into Korean market
• Bridging between European and Korean Stakeholders on the chemical market
• Preparation of Guidance documents and guidelines
• Support for European companies in the registration process
3. Combining Regulation and Research
• Regulators require data for human and environmental safety
• Development of a new concept for combining regulation and research
• Developing of new testing methods, e.g. non-animal testing
3. Development of rapid chemical analysis and metabolomics monitoring
• Monitoring of environmental contaminants using POCIS and HPLC-MS
• Analysis of recalcitrant organic pollutants

Bridging between Industry and Research