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Opening Ceremony of JRC-APT Jan-25-2019

On September 5th, 2017, KIST Europe and KIT held an opening ceremony for establishment of JRC-APT in Saarbruecken, Germany


Both institution have concluded a research collaboration agreement(MoU) since July 2016, and the first joint research centre has been opened in June this year in KIT. Following the JRC in South Korea, this ceremony was held in Saarbruecken, Germany.


Regulation of chemical substances is being strengthened by EU REACH regulation which started in 2007, and systematic response of companies and various & accurate alternative test data are required. Especially, It is expected to develop a countermeasure model that can be practically used by companies through the fusion of research capacity such as risk assessment and safety assessment of KIST EU for latest trends in scientific and regulatory information and research competence such as alternative toxicity, predictive toxicity and molecular toxicity of KIT.


Kuiwon Choi, the director of KIST EU, emphasized the importance of the supporting role of research institution for domestic companies and proposed the global fusion research in the field of chemical hazards integrated exposure prediction technology recently launched by KIST Europe as the first implementation task of the joint research centre. He also said “the ultimate goal of this joint research centre is to utilize the results derived from this fusion research to enhance the regulatory response capability of domestic companies, which indirectly supports the Korean chemical industry.”


KIST Europe expects this JRC contribute increasing demand for technology policy in Korea due to strengthening of issues and environmental regulation and securing advanced technology system for chemical substances regulation.

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