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<div class="ceo"> <span class="img"><img src="/static/images/contents/img_ceo2.jpg"></span> <dl> <dt>Dear visitor,</dt> <dd>I am very pleased to present to you our Institute on our Homepage, summarizing from general explanations to notable achievements. You will find affirmation of our specialized expertise in conducting open and innovative research, as well as detailed descriptions of the diverse forms of collaboration in which we participate.</dd> <dd>KIST Europe has enjoyed nearly 25 years of successful operations, accomplishing many great achievements and is performing its mission of facilitating joint research among high-tech R&D institutes throughtout Korea and the EU. Such an outcome was possible because of our researchers and supporting staff - while they may hail from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, they are united in their pursuit of excellence and their commitment to further enhancing their capabilities and expertise.</dd> <dd>Despite these past achievements, KIST Europe remains deeply committed to exploring potential new opportunities for cooperation. For research institute seeking an experienced collaboration partner for joint research projects, or industry organizations wishing to expand into the Korean or European markets, KIST Europe, which plays a key role in facilitating S&T cooperation between Korea and the EU, could be the ideal partner to realize that.</dd> <p>I wish to thank everyone who has consistently supported the work we do at KIST Europe. It is only through your efforts that our success has been possible. My particular gratitude goes out to the Saarland Government and Saarland University for always standing by our side.</p> <p>Lastly, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to our staff for their hard work and valuable contributions. Their dedication is truly unparalleled. As KIST Europe turns 25, we look forward to the journey ahead, and to strengthening KIST Europe's solidarity as the only Korean government R&D institute in Europe.</p> <p>Sincerely</p> <div class="sign"><img src="/static/images/contents/sign_1.png"></div><!-- 2018-11-19 추가 --> <strong>Dr. Soo Hyun Kim<br>Director, KIST Europe</strong> </div> </div> <!-- //content --> </div> <!-- //container -->
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