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Dear visitor,
My name is Soo Hyun Kim and in my position as 9th Institute Director and on behalf of the entire team of KIST Europe, I am pleased to welcome you to our institute’s website.
The KIST Europe is a research institute with Korean roots, founded in 1996 in Saarbrücken. Since its establishment, KIST Europe recorded a steady growth.
Our staff members come from 13 different countries from all over the world to work closely together on various research and service projects, but with one common goal: to establish a bridgehead for Korean R&D Institutes and Industries seeking collaborations and advances into EU.

To achieve this, we are working hard on constantly improving our skills and procedures and on fully exploiting our potential without losing sight of our needs and requirements.

I cordially invite you to explore our website to find out about our expertise in the fields of research and industry support. If you are looking for a competent partner in joint research projects or if you plan to expand into Korean or European markets, KIST Europe is the right addressee for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dr. Soo Hyun Kim
Director, KIST Europe
Page Editor
Global Cooperation / Jae Sang Lee
+49-(0) 681-9382-376