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[Tenure] Senior Researcher Jul-09-2019
Academic. Degree PhD
Closing Date 2019-08-09
File [Tenure] Senior Researcher_07082019.pdf

Job Description

[Field 1 : Environmental Safety]

We are seeking professional with experience hazard chemical monitoring and extensive knowledge of alternatives to animal testing.

  (1) General toxicity assessments of toxicants can be analyzed by using (bio)indicators e.g. microalgae, Daphnia magna, fish

  (2) Toxicological mechanisms can be identified in molecular basis by using in vitro system with specific gene activity & metabolomics

  (3) Regulatory relevance on chemical can be applied to predict toxic effects by using in silico methods. e.g. (Q)SAR, Exposure scenario

This individual will work on environmental pollutants-related research projects, including research design, study bio-monitoring and establish adverse outcome pathways. This position offers significant opportunities for professional growth in environmental issues with the international group.

[Field 2 : Biosensor]

We open a position for enviornment related projects, which have assessment and sensing issues. The candidate will conduct research into design and development of probe materials and sensing methods based on molecular recognition that can selectively detect and monitor small organic molecules or biomarkers in complex aqueous solutions at extremely low concentrations, and fabrication of sensor elements using them. candidates must have an excellent understanding, and preferably direct experience, of one or more of the following areas : selective probe/antigen development, sensing signal transduction machanism and various data processing.


  • Doctoral degree

  * [Field 1] Environmental Toxicology / Molecular biology or related field

     : Experience in animal testing for (Aquatic) organisms are advantageous

  * [Field 2] Chemistry, Material sciences or a related discipline

  • At least 2-year experience in related fields
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Prefer a person with a good research network
  • A team player with good communication skills and organizational competencies

Documents for Applications (English, scanned document as PDF - file size under 10MB)

 1. Cover Letter (1 Page), Curriculum Vitae
 2. Recommendation Letters 

   - Field 1 : at least 1

   - Field 2 : at least 3

 3. Certificates of graduation & Academic Transcript
 4. Certificates of career, List of research achievements (Publication, project etc.)


- Deadline : August 9th (Fri), until 18:00
- E-mail to: info@kist-europe.de
- Contact information
   [Field 1] Dr. Young Jun Kim (youngjunkim@kist-europe.de, +49-(0)681-9382-327)

   [Field 2] Dr. Jaeho Lee (jaeho.lee@kist-europe.de, +49-(0)681-9382-332)

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