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Biosensor and Microfluidics

Dr. Jungtae Kim, Dr. Jaeho Lee, Prof. Dr. Andreas Manz
We are aiming on keeping our lives from toxic and hazardous substances in our surroundings, and focus on the development of Bio/environmental sensors by means of interdisciplinary research, such as combination of microfluidics, material science, electrochemistry, mechanical engineering and so on.
Living organisms are affected by chronic exposure to chemicals even in very low concentration. The environmental samples, e.g. ground water, contains a number of pollutants which cause disruption in eco-system. Effective monitoring of chemicals in environmental samples and determination of the moment of abnormal behavior of living organism require highly sensitive and accurate sensors with simple sample pretreatment.
Our group is conducting research to realize them by integration of different components from various disciplines.

Biosensor, Microfluidics: separation and pre-concentration of target substances

Split flow chip for capillary electrophoresis

Free flow isotachophoresis for target enrichment

Material science/Biology: target selective probes, biomimetic 3-D cell culture

Target selective probes (e. g. MIP approach)

3D liver cell culturing in microfluidic environment

Electrochemistry: highly sensitive detection system

Electrochemiluminescence spectrometer


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