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Group Leader
Dr. Young Jun Kim
Tel: +49 (0)681-9382 327
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Environmental safety group contribute to protection of human health and the environment from hazardous chemicals and their mixtures and enhance national competitiveness of chemicals industry by fostering chemical trade and ensuring high safety standards for its products.

R&D Fields

Development of Rapid Chemical Analysis and Metabolomics Monitoring
- Monitoring of environmental contaminants using POCIS and HPLC-MS
- Analysis of recalcitrant organic pollutants
Alternative Ecotoxicity Assessment
- Alternative toxicity testing for assessment of chemicals and its mixtures
- Low dose effects of chemicals for chronic toxicity
- HTS based 3D Cell on a chip fabrication
Computational Toxicology
- Prediction of mixture toxicity using advanced computer models
- In silico approaches as alternatives to animal tests
We follow the route "From Science to Regulation" to combine R&D and Industry.


Name Position Tel Email
Dr. Young Jun Kim Group Leader +49-(0)681-9382-327
Dr. Juyoung Yoon Senior Researcher +49-(0)681-9382-328
Dr. Changseon Ryu Senior Researcher +49-(0)681-9382-410
Dr. Seungyun Baik Senior Researcher +49-(0)681-9382-341
Dr. Youngsam Kim Senior Researcher +49-(0)681-9382-259
Dr. Indong Jun Senior Researcher +49-(0)681-9382-255
Dr. Woongbae Kim Researcher +49-(0)681-9382-370
Hyunki Cho PhD Student +49-(0)681-9382-230
Annmariya Elayanithottathil Sebastian Research Assistant +49-(0)681-9382-404
Md Adnan Karim Research Assistant +49-(0)681-9382-101