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Group Leader
Dr. Yong Oh Lee
Tel: +49 (0)681-9382 328
Email : yongoh.lee@kist-europe.de


Smart convergence group is pursuing to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness in model-based prediction methods using artificial intelligence in various engineering fields. Our research is ranging from the scientific to the practical, where artificial intelligence is not yet widely applied, but potential to enhance the performance.

R&D Fields

1. Deep Learning Applications
- Toxicity prediction: QSAR and behavior patterns in the non-animal testing
- Cell and medical image segmentation
- Motor faults diagnosis and prognosis
- Worker's intensity recognition in the collaborative robotics

2. Data augmentation in data imbalance
- Generative Adversarial Networks for the minority class augmentation
- Feature augmentation with interpretable machine learning

Research Area


Name Position Tel Email
Dr. Yong Oh Lee Group Leader +49-(0)681-9382-328
Dr. Sangrak Lim Postdoc +49-(0)681-9382-426
Marco Hüster Researcher +49-(0)681-9382-384
Sungho Suh PhD Student +49-(0)681-9382-433
Niklas Stahl Research Assistant +49-(0)681-9382-346
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