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No. Title Author Date Journal Abstract
160 Directed synthesis of bio-inorganic vanadium oxide composites using genetically modified filamentous phage Müller, M.; Baik, S.; Jeon, Hj; Kim, Y.; Kim, Jt.; Kim, Y.J. May-15-2015 Applied Surface Science
159 Transfer and effects of 1,2,3,5,7-pentachloronaphthalene in an experimental food chain Slootweg T., Segner H., Mayer P., Smith K., Igumnova E., Nikiforov V., Dömötörová M., Fabišiková A., Oehlmann J., Liebig M. Jan-17-2015 Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology
158 Recombinant Phage Coated 1D Al2O3 Nanostructures for Controlling the Adhesion and Proliferation of Endothelial Cells J. Lee, HJ. Jeon, A. Haidar,Hashim AK, M Veith,C Aktas and YJ Kim May-19-2015 BioMed Research International
157 A photosensitizer delivered by bispecific antibody retargeted human T lymphocytes enhances cytotoxicity against carcinoma cells upon light irradiation Blaudszun, A.-R.; Moldenhauer, G.; Schneider, M.; Philippi, A. Jan-10-2015 Journal of Controlled Release
156 Transfer of cyanobacterial toxins into edible plants via irrigation with lake water – a Chinese case study A. Peuthert, L. Kun, S. Baik, S. Pflugmacher Mar-16-2015 Aperito J. Aquat. and Mar. Ecos
155 Evaluation of estrogenic activity of wastewater: Comparison among In vitro ERα reporter gene assay, In vitro vitellogenin induction, and chemical analysis Ihara, I., Kitamura, T., Kumar, V., Park, C-B., Ihara, M.O., Lee, S-J., Yamashita, N., Miyagawa, S., Iguchi, T., Okamoto, S., Suzuki, Y., Tanaka, H. May-05-2015 Environmental Science & Technology
154 Passive dosing versus solvent spiking for controlling and maintaining hydrophobic organic compound exposure in the Microtox® assay Kilian E.Smith, Yoonah Jeong, Jongwoon Kim Jun-25-2015 Chemosphere
153 Application of Multi-Species Microbial Bioassay to Assess the Effects of Engineered Nanoparticles in the Aquatic Environment: Potential of a Luminous Microbial Array for Toxicity Risk Assessment (LumiMARA) on Testing for Surface-Coated Silver Nanoparticles Y. Jung, C. Park, Y. Kim, S. Kim, S. Pflugmacher, S. Baik Jul-15-2015 Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health
152 Green Liver Systems® for Water Purification: Using the Phytoremediation Potential of Aquatic Macrophytes for the Removal of Different Cyanobacterial Toxins from Water S. Pflugmacher*, S. Kuehn, S.-H. Lee, J.-W. Choi, S. Baik, K. Kwon, V. Contrardo-Jara Jan-05-2015 Am. J. Plant Sci
151 State of the art in the application of QSAR techniques for predicting mixture toxicity in environmental risk assessment Kim, J.; Kim, S. Jan-22-2015 SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research