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No. Title Author Date Journal Abstract
111 Galectin‐3 coats the membrane of breast cells and makes signature of tumor G. Simone, N. Malara, V. Trunzo, M. Renne, G. Perrozziello, E. di Fabrizio, A. Manz Dec-23-2013 Molecular BioSystems
110 Ultra‐flat bismuth films for diamagnetic levitation by template‐stripping J. Kokorian, J.B.C. Engelen, J. de Vries, H. Nazeera, L.A. Wolderinga, L. Abelmann Nov-23-2013 Thin Solid Films
109 Design parameters for voltage‐controllable directed assembly of single nanoparticles B.F. Porter, L. Abelmann, H. Bhaskaran Sep-12-2013 Nanotechnology
108 Nanopositioner actuator energy cost and performance J.B.C. Engelen, M.G. Khatib, L. Abelmann, M.C. Elwenspoek Sep-02-2013 Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical
107 Characterization and control of biological microrobots I.S.M. Khalil, M.P. Pichel, L. Zondervan, L. Abelmann, S. Misra Aug-19-2013 Experimental Robotics ‐ Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics
106 Development of a partial least square‐based integrated addition model for predicting mixture toxicity J. Kim, S. Kim, G.E. Schaumann Oct-11-2013 Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal
105 Subunit δ is the key player for assembly of the H+‐translocating unit of Escherichia coli F0F1 ATP synthase F. Hilbers, R. Eggers, K. Pradela, K. Friedrich, B. Herkenhoff‐Hesselmann, E. Becker, G. Deckers‐Hebestreit Sep-06-2013 Biological Chemistry
104 Fast spore breaking by superheating A. Pribylka, M.O. Altmeyer, A.V. Almeida, J. Petr, J. Sevcik, A. Manz, P. Neuzil Feb-11-2013 Lab on a Chip
103 Transient effects of methyltestosterone injection on different reproductive parameters of the hermaphrodite fish Kryptolebias marmoratus C.B. Park, K. Soyano, S. Kiros, T. Kitamura, M. Minamiyama, Y, Suzuki Sep-06-2013 Ecotoxicology
102 Reliable predictive computational toxicology methods for mixture toxicity: Toward the development of innovative integrated methods for environmental risk assessment J. Kim, S. Kim, G.E. Schaumann Sep-13-2013 Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology