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2018 In-Cosmetics Meeting Jan-25-2019

On April 18th, 2018, Around 40 participants from 13 Korean cosmetic ingredients manufacturers and related Institutes learned how to comply the current EU Environmental regulations like EU REACH and Cosmetic Regulation and got the information related to recently revised K-REACH Regulation.


Mr. Deokjoong Kim, the President of the Foundation of Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute and Dr. Chang-Seo Park, the Head of National Coordination Center for Global Cosmetics R&D also participated in the meeting, so that this networking could be more productive.


Ms. Sunyoung Lee, First Secretary Health and Social Affairs at Embassy · Mission of the Republic of Korea introduced the status of Cosmetics Systems and Policy Directions in Korea.


Also, Dr. Sanghun Kim, the group leader of KIST Europe's regulation compliance team in Environmental Safety Group, gave an overview of 10 years of EU REACH and emphasized the future policy for hazardous chemicals.


Furthermore, Dr. Hyunpyo Jeon, the senior researcher at KIST Europe, presented chemicals & chemical products strategies of Korean cosmetic companies for EU cosmetic regulation and led a discussion recently revised K-REACH as well.


KIST Europe expects this meeting contribute understanding regulations of mainly EU to Korean ingredients manufacturers and help them to strengthen their competitiveness in global markets.


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